“Psychic/Medium $25” – turquoise cursive curled on a black A-sign outside a brick-walled shop. Michelle had dragged me here because, “You never know” and “What if?” and “Come on, Lucy, it’ll be fun – if you hate it, I’ll pay for yours, too,” even though I knew I’d be paying for both of us because […]

They don’t tell you freedom can be lonely – it wouldn’t sell as well if they did. When freedom (a.k.a. living on your own) is new, you get so hyped up on the prospect of eating Oreos for breakfast, naked, that you don’t stop to think about the things you’ll miss. That hits you later, […]

Everything had been pretty okay since starting Kindergarten at the age of five. Miss M was the most amazing teacher I’d ever had (also the first, but that’s besides the point) with her huge smile and her long, flowing auburn hair. Grade One was fine, with Miss A, who was sweet as pie. Then came […]