The other side of freedom

They don’t tell you freedom can be lonely – it wouldn’t sell as well if they did.

When freedom (a.k.a. living on your own) is new, you get so hyped up on the prospect of eating Oreos for breakfast, naked, that you don’t stop to think about the things you’ll miss.

That hits you later, when you’ve eaten so many Sour Patch Kids your tongue is raw and the novelty of not having a parent around to tell you what to do or a partner to keep you in check has worn off.

You realize how much you miss your mother’s cooking and your family’s weird, hilarious inside jokes. You get stuck in a pitiful rut of sadness and self-doubt and all you want is for someone to hug you.

Instead, you have a screaming hot shower so you can cry without the neighbours hearing, and scrub the sour patch sugar out of your teeth. You put yourself to bed, cry it out some more, and finally fall asleep. Overnight, the loneliness passes and leaves you stronger, and tomorrow the freedom tastes better.

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