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1) It sounds like the easiest, most natural thing to do. But it’s the hardest. This is going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. It’s most likely going to mean flipping your whole life upside down, doing a complete 180. You’ll be changing plans you thought were set in stone, restructuring the way […]

To the TTC, with love…   Red seats, blue seats, yellow emergency strips.   Ding, dang, dong.   “Change here for Line Two.”   Subway screams and streetcar sighs. Buses that lurch and horns that blare.   Tokens, passes, Presto, POP – Proof of Payment, not Coke, but also, Coke, probably, hopefully, spilled on the […]

Are you American? No. But you speak American. No, I speak English. Are you English? Are you Australian? Do you go to church? What religion are you? Are you Catholic? SDA? Protestant? Well, you were baptized, right? So that means – you were not baptized? Do you pray? Do you even believe in God? What are you?   […]

The last time I saw the love of my life, I knew I was going to lose him. Drafted into a fight he didn’t start, I could not, would not, accept his going. And yet, I knew I had to. Despite the fact that allowing him to leave went against every feeling in my heart, […]

I was born at the end of a rainbow. Okay, not exactly. As far as I know, there were no leprechauns or pots of gold present for my birth. But Palau is called – in affectionate marketing terms – The Rainbow’s End. Google one image and you’ll see why. I have my free spirit chef parents […]